Favorite and least favourite of the books I’ve read in 2017

2017 has been a very eventful year for reading and although i havent kept up much with the books of 2017 they’re still great reads this is my list of my favorite, least favorite of 2017.


Bloodlines Bloodlines was a book that i had picked up due to reading the original series that it was based on ( Vampire Academy) Bloodlines was a  great series and always made we want to know more so when i had to stop reading i thought about it and was the main thing i picked up in my down time.

Bloodlines is a great book if you loved Vampire Academy and is a constant comeback for me.

Richelle Mead is a great author and has a great voice in her books, it’s earned it’s place on my 2017 favorite list and wouldn’t surprise me to be on my next list





Morganville Vampires is a 12 book series and has been a surprising book series to read as its something new and a lot of my books have a vampire paranormal basis so this made a new twist to the paranormal fiction genre. Its got a great view into a weak character glasshousesthat can be brave and outsmart a lot of people. Rachel Caine made a great choice in how she wrote the book and its characters that you wish that you could walk into the book at times.

Morganville vampires brings brutality and romance and action into one great series and is a great read and has been under estimated after many years f new releases of the vampire paranormal genre





the darkest powers trilogy is a great book to read if you are interested in action and the paranormal as it is based around a necromancer that learns she and other in her new group home were part of a freak experiment when they were infants and they don’t 8a24fe67f4b9ffa618d3d04cb4970df4.jpgremember and that they have to fight the people who want to get them back and continue the experiments and control them as they have special abilities that others don’t and the main characters seem to be the strongest and they want to know why.

Kelly Armstrong has made a series that was so captivating that you lose time and what feels like 5 mins of reading has been 2 hours and you’re already half way through the book, if a book can do that you know its worth every minute of reading and being on a favorite list she made the characters so real and the descriptions so real you could walk into the book and the fact the main character is a necromancer making it even better because you’re learning with her about  her new abilities and the new world that she’s been thrown into that she never knew existed.


The darkness rising trilogy is a connection to the darkest Powers trilogy and  actually connects to the first trilogy and you learn of new abilities of the new characters  and who they are and what they can do as they learn who they are and are being tracked down by the same people from the first book after the others they are learning of the experiments and the other kids that were init with them and you learn more about the people behind the experiments and why they want the kids that have been tested and why it’s so download (2)important to have them and why they would do anything to keep them in their control.

the series is just as well written as the darkest powers trilogy if not more exciting than the original but would confuse the reader if they started off with Darkness Rising first rather than the darkest powers.



Least Favorite 

The Safest Lies is a definite  number one on the list of the least favorite list and a book that I don’t think ill reach for again anytime soon. the book left me in the dust and just didn’t slow down and was not really with the read as it was just to fast for me to grasp anything that was going on and i wish there was more detail and back story to it rather it be rushed and just handed to us because it was nearing the end of te book, it felt like 26192557the author just wanted to rush out a book to get out.

the whole plot was rushed there was no back story a throwing a romance into it was really unnecessary let alone that was also rushed and should never been a thing in the book not all books need a romance especially if it was a rushed book to begin with there’s not more i could say then this book just really didn’t do it for me.





insurgent and alliegent are the last 2 book’s of the divergent series and it was just way to hard to get through and was not worth me trying to get through the second book I loved the first book and was definitely something that should have been left to one book and one book only it just felt like from the first book on it was a ripped off secondhand download (3)hunger games that didn’t make the cut so they just handed it off to someone else.

I wanted to like it but I just couldn’t read them it made me wanna pull my eyes out no matter how hard i tried to finish the series i just couldn’t. There’s not much to say other than it was terrible and not worth getting the box set only to like the first book rather than all of them and it’s just hard to read because how do you imagine something that is being told to you like “he smelled like fresh air and sweat” umm im sorry but how do you smell fresh air and sweat just smells gross so that would over power anything smelling good .. is that just me?


Now that you know my favorite and least favorite of the year maybe you’ll find what yours are and if you have some comment and ill see if i can read them !


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